Saturday, June 24, 2006

Social Isolation Growing in U.S., Study Says

This item from the Washington Post should cause everyone to stand up and pay attention. According to the General Social Survey which was funded by the National Science Foundation, over a quarter of the population has no one to talk to besides their spouse. Even more alarming is that the average person has only two people in their closest circle of confidants. The reasons cited for the lack of social connections were more hours at work, the pressure of having to have parents working among others.

I think that what exacerbates the problem more is the lack of trust between people. At my place of employment, there are little opportunities to interact socially with people away from the job. The focus of relationships at work is usually geared toward getting work done, meeting deadlines, and avoiding standing in the unemployment line. Most people that I interact with away from the job has taken time out to really get to know me, as I do with them.

Jesus had twelve disciples that he relied on to spread the gospel throughout his ministry. Each disciple was unique in his own character, but Jesus came to rely upon them for their input in saving a lost world. It would have been harder for him to do it by himself.

I wonder if everyone has at least 12 good friends that they can rely on for comfort. It is helpful for a person's emotional and spiritual well-being. If you only have one friend, take time out and make new ones. Your life would surely benefit from it.

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