Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ten Reasons Why Blogging is My New Cup of Tea

LaShawn Barber posted today about why she enjoys blogging so much. She cites the rush that she gets from being able to see her name in her own byline as the main stimulus that keeps her motivated. It is obviously a good motivational tool for her, because she has become one of the world’s pre-eminent bloggers. In reading her post, I began to think why I have taken to blogging as well:

1. I can write about anything that I like, whether people agree or disagree with my opinions or not.
2. I can share information with total strangers, friends, and family that may help them solve a problem or gain a new perspective on something that they have read.
3. I can blog anytime of the day or night (except at work of course).
4. You can reach a wider audience that you wouldn’t ordinarily reach with other traditional means of communication.
5. People can read your writings in the years to come, even if you get bored with blogging.
6. It forces me to remember things that I would normally forget.
7. Blogging is an activity that has minimal upfront costs associated with it. You can start with your mind and a free subscription to Blogger.com.
8. You can use the technical and writing skills that you already possess.
9. You can start and stop anytime you like.
10. You can set your own blogging goals as high as you like.

I am going to put more detail around these reasons in the next series of posts. Can you think of why you like to blog as well?

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