Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ten Reasons Why Blogging is My New Cup of Tea – Reason #7

Reason #7 : Blogging is an activity that has minimal upfront costs associated with it. You can start with your mind and a free subscription to .

When I first started out blogging (being the cheapskate that I am) , I wanted to practice and learn blogging without wasting money on monthly charges such as Typepad. I wanted to have control of my blog template and the ability to experiement with different designs until I was happy with what I saw. Right now, I am happy with my Blogger template. There is no monthly charge and you can create as many blogs as you like. I can add features to it and experiment with HTML until I feel comfortable with the style of the blog. One issue that I have with Blogger is that there are not a lot of plug-ins that allow for customization like Word Press. But I am not worried out that right at this point. I am concentrating on polishing my writing skills, and encouraging other bloggers around the world to read my stuff (which I hope doesn’t put people to sleep).

Sources: Blogging Goals Group Writing Project

Lashawn I Am; Therefore, I Blog

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Original Post: Ten Reasons Why Blogging is My New Cup of Tea

Reason #9: You can start and stop anytime you like.

Reason #8: You can use the technical and writing skills that you already possess

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