Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ten Reasons Why Blogging is My New Cup of Tea – Reason #8

Reason #8: You can use the technical and writing skills that you already possess.

Blogging really only requires a rudimentary amount of HTML and writing skills. The basic HTML skills that I already know how to use is the ability to post a link on the HTML editor of Blogger like this:

When I decide to post something to my blogs, the approach that I take is based on the type of post that I decide to create. If it is a quick post, I use the “Blog This” option off of my Google Toolbar. If I have something long and lengthy to add, I simply open up open up a Microsoft Word document and type my thoughts there. I also edit it before I copy and paste it into Blogger. Posting in a blog is similar in some ways to working with e-mail. Someone can send you an e-mail about a subject that prompts a response. Since quick responses are normally required, you have to think quickly about how you are going to respond to the e-mail. Your writing needs to be succinct enough (between 200-500 words) so that the responder will get the gist of your message. A long essay “War and Peace” style is not required. The object is to gain the reader’s attention in your post, while building a dialogue with them. You can’t build a dialogue with them if you put them to sleep.

Sources: Blogging Goals Group Writing Project

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Reason #9: You can start and stop anytime you like.

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