Saturday, November 10, 2007

5 Reasons Why You Should Bookmark

There are not many blogs that exist in the blogosphere that deal exclusively with numbers, but when I came across the other day, I was impressed to say the least. Madconomist deals with the humourous, serious, and strange events that occur in life that involve numbers. His posts are not limited to how large the number is.

He categorizes his posts well with five categories:

Statistics and Other Lies - Favorite post in this category is "The $1000 Bagel" about a bagel that was created to raise money for culinary arts students.

Crimeconomics - Favorite post in this category is "The Cambridge Man Steals 123 Parking Meters". Maybe the guy wanted to start a museum or something.

Odd Numbers- Favorite post in this category is "Russia Sold Toilet to U.S. for $19m". Can you imagine a toilet costing this much?

Crazy Money - Favorite post in this category is "Mailbox Hit By Meterorite Sells For $83K".

Wrong Numbers - Favorite post in this category is "Exxon Mobil Sends Man 2000 credit cards". Some people should consider themselves lucky to have such a good fortune.

I like the title of the blog too - I wonder how he came up with the name?

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