Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Being A Black Man Series-Washington Post

The Washington Post has started a week-long series that quite frankly should have been introduced during Black History Month. It is a series that delves into the struggles and triumphs of African American men living in America today. Entitled "Being a Black Man", the week-long series deals with the way that African-American Men see themselves and the country that they live in. Even if you are not African-American (like I am), this series is desgned to educate the public about the internal struggles that they face. I am going to read through the series and comment about it from my own perspective.

I am acutely aware of the internal struggles, because I have experienced them myself. My best friend, who I grew up with (and is a successful accountant) constantly reminds me that despite experiencing considerable obstacles in growing up, finishing college, and raising a family that we currently earn salaries that would put us in the upper 2% of wage earners. I guess that means that I am upper-class, huh? But often times, I drive by affluent neighborhoods and sometime feel that I have not done enough to raise myself up economically.

Even though you will not be able to take your money with you when you leave this earth, it can sometimes present an unwarranted burden. I look at my life and see a lot of promise and a lot of hope as well. My nine-year old daughter has her whole life ahead of her. And we are getting ready to move into my first house at 45 years old. Success is not defined merely by what society thinks you should do, but how you embrace delayed gratification, loving others, and self-discipline to create the life that you really want to have. If you can do that, then future generations can learn alot from the adversities that you had to overcome.


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