Monday, June 05, 2006

Blogging Goals for the Rest of 2006

Darren Rowse over at has started a group writing project that helps a newbie blogger such as myself get their feet wet in polishing their writing skills to reach a wider audience. When I started this blog, I really did not have too many goals in mind to accomplish. I have always wanted to write a book, and from reading Darren's blog it seemed that this was a cool avenue to explore. You are in control of your own posting schedule, your blog layout, and your content. No one can tell you what to write, but the feedback that you receive usually gives you hints and other clues as far as what to write about. I typically don't receive an average of more than 5 unique visitors a day, but it is a good start nonetheless. I have recieved visits all over the world, which I never imagined. I haven't added Adsense or any ad service yet, because I want to maintain a steady traffic level so it can make a difference in my earnings, whenever I decide to add monetization.

So what do I plan to do to get there? I have several ideas:

1. Enter more blog carnivals on a weekly basis: This gave me an unexpected boost in traffic when I submitted posts that little did I knew attracted a modicrum of attention.

2. Define the purpose of my blog: My blog title was a parody of my own penchant of reading and consuming information from almost everywhere I can find it. I link to news articles in one vein, and then go off on another tangent. My readers appear to like what I read, but I am not sure if they understand where I am taking this blog. My original intention is to highligh unique websites that almost any one can use to help improve their lives. If the purpose strays to far off track, I may have to move some content to another blog ( I have four others).

3. Post more consistently: I have read that some bloggers post an average of 5 times a day. If you consider that there is usually 200 working days per year, that means at the end of the year, you will have at least 1000 keyword-rich blog posts that generate decent traffic. I have trouble sometimes posting more than one post a week. I will have to commit to at least one per day, just to keep momentum and not bore my readers.

4. Participate in more forums: Participating in forums like this is educational for me, because I learn a whole lot from people who have experiemented with a wide variety of blogging tools, formats, and ideas.

5. Invite more feedback from readers: Learning how to connect with readers is important, because if there is a flow to your writing, people will tend to come back and visit more frequently.

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