Friday, June 09, 2006

Tiger Woods Stands Alone

In another sign of just how potent an athlete's popularity really is, Tiger Woods, according to a new poll from Harris Interactive has displaced Michael Jordan as the world's most popular sports personality. In a poll taken last month between May 9th and May16th, even the retired Jordan didn't fall very far to #2. But this is the first time that this has happened in the last 13 years.

The rest of the Top 10-

Brett Farve #3
Derek Jeter #4
Dale Ernhardt #5
Shaq #6
Kobe #7
LaBron James #8
Jeff Gordon #9
Barry Bonds #10

This ranking probably takes into account Tiger's already growing popularity in golf, where he is recognized as the top player on the tour, but the top draw as well. Michael is retired, but still has juice with some segments of the population who watched him become a celebrity overnight.
He is still the favorite of people in the 18-29 and the 42-60 age groups, Shaq is loved by the 30-41 year old set, and Tiger is the favorite of the 61 and older crowd. But universally, Tiger is loved by both men and women alike. There is no doubt that as long as an athlete remains in the public eye, whether retired or not opportunities to pitch products will always be available to him. Even Barry Bonds, who is the subject of much scrutiny, is still loved by most fans. Congratulations to Tiger!!

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