Thursday, July 27, 2006

Ten Reasons Why Blogging is My New Cup of Tea – Reason #6

Reason #6: It forces me to remember things that I would normally forget.

As my wife could probably attest to, I am quite forgetful at times. Yesterday, she sent me to the store to get two ice cream sandwiches; I came back with only one. Writing things down helps me stay on track and helps me to concentrate and stay focused on what I am supposed to say. Blogging at least once a daily can leave a trail of ideas that you can refer to over again, if run out of ideas for fresh posts.

Sources: Blogging Goals Group Writing Project
Lashawn I Am; Therefore, I Blog

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Original Post: Ten Reasons Why Blogging is My New Cup of Tea
Reason #9: You can start and stop anytime you like.
Reason #8: You can use the technical and writing skills that you already possess
Reason #7 : Blogging is an activity that has minimal upfront costs associated with it. You can start with your mind and a free subscription to .

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