Monday, September 03, 2007

5 Interesting Facts About the Number 5

  • As part of the National Highway Safety Improvement program, all states are required to spell out at least the top 5% of their highways that have severe safety needs. This is required so that the public is aware of potential safety concerns in ther state, and challenges their states to address the issues cited in the 5% Report.
  • The Jackson Five are from my hometown of Gary, Indiana.
  • The Five Guys hamburger chain (which has a location five minutes away from my house) has been rated the top hamburger in the country by Zagat for the last five years.
  • There are five potential candidates to replace Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General.
  • In Kuala Lampur, women civil servants can take up to five years of time off without pay to care for their children after exhausting their maternity leave.
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