Monday, December 18, 2006

9 Reasons Why The Information Junkie is the Person of the Year

I discovered today through my RSS reader that Time Magazine named the Information Junkie as a person of the year. I am extremely proud of the honor given these facts:

  • Since early this year 1,500 people have visited my little blog (An average of 2 per day).
  • These people have spent at least 15 seconds reading a post on my blog.
  • I have received visitors from as far away as Brazil and Indonesia.
  • A reader reads an average of one post a day on my little blog.
  • It has cost me nothing to run this blog and update it.
  • I have written about anything that I like, whether people agree or disagree with my opinions or not.
  • I have shared information with total strangers, friends, and family that may help them solve a problem or gain a new perspective on something that they have read.
  • I have reached a wider audience that I wouldn’t ordinarily reach with other traditional means of communication.
  • People far and wide can still read your writings in the years to come, even if you get bored with blogging.

I am proud to be a member of the blosphere, which is an interconnected community. There are no barriers to entry, and there are many opportunities to join in on the fun. The key to the Web 2.0 phenomenon is to develop a long-lasting community around something popular. Once you have established it, revenue ideas are abundant.

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