Thursday, August 17, 2006

15 Reasons to Like Terrell Owens and Why Everyone Else Should Too

,I am contributing to another one of Darren Rowse's group writing projects, which are very effective in driving traffic your your blog, establishing relationships with other bloggers, and honing your writing skills. This project is focused on lists and how to create list type posts that may generate alot of discussion. My contribution is about Terrell Owens, the football player that everyone loves to watch but gets tired of sooner or later. I am not tired of him. We had him in Philadelphia for two seasons and although he crashed and burned I just enjoyed watching him play. In fact we own two of his #81 jerseys. So, I was able to find several reasons why I like him, and why everyone should like him too:

· He is a great receiver and makes an impact on the field.
· He tries to defy conventional wisdom, which we all wish that we could do.
· He is honest about his feelings, he holds nothing back.
· He has never gotten in trouble off of the field.
· He brings a lot of personality to a team.
· He works out religiously to stay in top flight condition.
· With T.O. on your team, you just can’t lose.
· He will be the topic of conversation long after he is finished playing.
· He is controversial, like him or not.
· He makes his teammates better.
· He likes to play in big games,
· He relishes being the center of attention.
· He is the most physically gifted wide receiver to ever play the game.
· Holds the NFL record for the most passes caught in a game 20 vs. Chicago on December
20, 2000.
· Holds an NFL record for the most consecutive games with 100+ receiving yards – 5 in
2004 with the Eagles.
· He is fiercely loyal to you if he lets you get close to him.
· He lives in a world of strict, unforgiving lines.
· He doesn't accept excuses or explanations.
· He once wrote a $10,000 check to an intern in the equipment department of the 49ers to help him care for his new baby.

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