Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How To Understand Obama's Stimulus in Five Easy Steps

I am not an economic wizard by any means, but it has been fascinating to me to watch the sparring over President Obama's economic stimulus. Republicans who have been used to tax cuts, still push for tax cuts. Democrats who want to provide for liberal social programs and the like, want to spend or throw money at the problem. It is the classic battle of style vs. substance, "tax and spend" vs. "tax everything". I am not sure how much the stimulus actually will benefit my family and I, but it makes great theater. If I was to venture into economic theory for a second, I would ask a lot of questions, but these are the simple ones:

  1. How big should the stimulus be?
  2. What programs need it the most?
  3. Who is for the stimulus?
  4. Who is against the stimulus?
  5. Where geographically should the money be spent to make the best use of it?
Can anyone suggest any resources on how to learn about the particulars of the stimulus?

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